Created for commuting, this Schwinn 21-speed mountainbike's features grew to include a custom-built alarm/lighting system, AM/FM tuner with stereo speakers, Compact Disc player (mounted on my chest to absorb shock and prevent skips), and a telephone. My "utility belt" included a mini tire pump, tool kit, LOTS of rechargeable batteries, a color TV/Game system (in case I got stranded somewhere) and a 5-watt CB radio. All custom graphics were created with 3M reflective vinyl sheeting for maximum visibility at night.

Based in Pasadena, I would ride to Highland Park to Canoga Park to El Segundo to San Dimas- everywhere. Sometimes I'd go more than 50 miles a day, back when I was in good shape! And you don't want to know how much it weighed.

All of the goodies I had packed onto this thing earned me the nickname "Rolling Entertainment Center". The ECP has been the subject of 3 Magazine articles, 2 TV news stories and has been a special guest at several car shows and the Doo-Dah parade.

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