Designed by the ATB Cycle Company of Seattle, this recumbent-style bike is a prototype design, and one of only about 10 released to the consumer market. It came to inherit most of the features of the 001 ECP, with a few upgrades such as new speakers, better headlights and alarm. Shimano 21-speed thumbshifters are located on the under-seat handlebars, and the powertrain is geared low for hillclimbing. The custom reflective graphics were enhanced with chrome striping tape. A generator-powered bright green flourescent tube has been added under the seat, which bathes the area around the bike in an eerie green glow for maximum visibility at night.

Since these photos were taken, the saddlebags have become larger (on the bike! Sheesh!) and the seatcover has gone from foam to leather. Living near the beach means constantly battling rust, so it is about time for an overhaul. And maybe a new paint job.

I purchased this bike while working at Mattel Toys in El Segundo. The first day I rode it in to work everyone had to take a turn on it through the hallways of the design center, much to the consternation of the security staff.

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