Originally a 1994 Honda Pacific Coast PC-800, this motorcycle was "Shawnified" on paper even prior to purchasing it. Mostly reflective graphics again, with some protective foam paneling. A stereo was added as well as custom alarm electronics. Because of this motorcycle I was able to procure work as the long distance courier at a law firm in Century City, CA., oddly enough in the same building that was destroyed in the film Die Hard. Frequently I'd be asked to make a trip from LA to San Diego in 2 hours - a 140 mile trip that legally should take 2.5 hours with NO traffic. Fortunately the bike goes from 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds- not just a job- it's an adventure! Seriously, though- on this bike it was a lot more fun to just cruise.

To make myself stand out and to make other vehicles act a bit more cautiously around me I configured the graphics on the rear of the bike to look like a police vehicle. While the CHP wasn't bothered by this, they did make me promise that I would replace my "Bar Code" license plate with the correct one when it arrived.

The best feature of the cycle was, of course, the excellent gas mileage. The 4.2 gallon tank would easily take me 200 miles. Not to mention the great parking...

Stylistically, I borrowed from a number of sources- Star Trek, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, and of course Star Wars. Someone even pointed out that the PC-800 was used as a police cycle in Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

For more than you ever wanted to know about the Pacific Coast, go here.

Aside from all of the fun I had with it, the biggest mark the motorcycle has left on my life is on my face. It takes the form of a small scar along the side and bottom of my nose, where it was reattached after a scrape on the freeway with a jittery guy in a brand-new Camaro. It happened after I'd ceased to be a courier, too. It sadly proves what we all know and never want to admit: No matter how careful YOU are, you can't always account for the other drivers. So be careful! And wear a good helmet, as I was- it will reduce whatever injuries you do get.</end of sermon>

I do miss it, and sometimes dream that I still have it, and am riding the open roads. But while it disturbs my sleep, my wife sleeps better knowing that I am not risking my life as much these days.

But I know she misses it sometimes, too. : )

I guess I'll have to modify a car now...

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