Well, okay... As a visitor cleverly pointed out, he's really more of a Dark Gourd of the Sith...

Click on each thumbnail to get a pic of Darth in his various stages. He was 3 days old at the point these were taken, so he's showing a bit o' wear. The red comes from a red-shrouded light bulb, and the orange parts are shaved instead of cut through.

I take pumpkin carving a bit seriously and win every contest I enter. I seem to gravitate towards more detailed designs- mostly logos. The Jurrassic Park T-Rex Skeleton, the Animaniacs and others have been etched into pumpkin flesh, and I particularly like logos with lettering. I have created giant Radio-Controlled Spider pumpkins (with the addition of carrots), and mini-pumpkin Yodas with carrot ears and white pumpkin Stormtroopers are my standbys.

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Elements © 2000 Shawn Crosby, and are available for use on request.

Darth Maul © Lucasfilm LTD.